What is GANTTplanner?

GANTTplanner is a tool to help you schedule and manage your projects based on Google calendar. Every calendar event is displayed as a task and can be assigned to a specific row. Therefore, if you add a new calendar event, e.g. while on customer visit this event will directly popup inside GANTTplanner too. On the other hand, if you move or delete a task inside GANTTplanner then this change will be synchronized directly to your Google calendar.

Mobile ready

If you have your Google calendar on your smartphone then you can even add or change events on the go and they will be immediately available inside GANTTplanner.

Simple to use

Unlike other project management tools, GANTTplanner is simple to use and especially designed for small to mid-sized projects where your focus more on the visualization part of the scheduling and not on complicated resource or task dependency management.

Try GANTTplanner directly with your Google login! Get started.

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